Mushrooms and Wine Pairing

For each mushroom its wineDo you love mushrooms but do not know how to match them? If you want to enjoy these delicious fruits of the earth with the right wine, this is the selection just for you. Normally, it’s difficult to pair wine to mushrooms and basically those who love them don’t want to kill their particular aroma with wrong matching. Today this matching is not a problem, thanks to this wine selection created specifically for mushroom lovers. So, if you use porcini mushrooms, especially seasoning risotto, pasta or omelettes, pair them with a Chianti. For Caesar's mushroom and honey fungus, we selected a White Wine, useful to balance the particular aromatic scent of these two types; finally, a Barolo for raw chanterelles or truffle seasoned with the classic butter and parsley.

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Selection's wines

Gineprone Chianti DOCG

Gineprone Chian...

Col d'Orcia

Col d'Orci...

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