Tasting Mistery Box

Tasting wine in a simple, easy approach.

Vinitaly Wine Club's TASTING MISTERY BOX is born with the idea of ​​sharing new wines, discover new flavours and aromas to expand your knowledge on the Italian wine scene, making the tasting more interactive than ever.
Inside the box there is a complete kit: we have included 6 different bottles of wine of 0,75lt. of various types (red, white, sparkling wine), 1 corkscrew and 2 wine tasting placemats for your sensory evaluation, completed with mini-guide for use, to start immediately your tasting. All included wines are guaranteed for their quality by Vinitaly Wine Club. For us, exploring the world of wine must be easy and simple at the same time, helping those who are taking their first steps in this wolrd and widening the horizons of all wine lovers. Cheers!

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