Viticoltori Romangia

Viticoltori Romangia is a cooperative company founded in 1996 in Sardinia, to collect and revive the winemakers of Romangia, especially around Sorso and Sennori municipalities (north-west of Sassari). Romangia is an area particularly suited for viticulture and its name originates from the word "Romània", with which the Romans defined the conquered territories, while all the others were called "Barbària" (from which the current "Barbargia" originates). This area is very appreciated for the production of high alcohol content wines. Covering ​​about 60 hectares of vineyardsin Sorso and Sennori, Viticoltori Romangia winery aims at the enhancement of the vines that better than others have expressed the wine vocation of Romangia: Moscato and Cannonau above all, but also Vermentino, which is a grape that in the sunny soils nearby ​​the Asinara Gulf manages to express absolutely extraordinary and different scents from the whites of Gallura or other Sardinian territories. The experience of Viticoltori Romangia, which is also open to experimentation with vines and non-native varieties, has provided that Sorso area is particularly suitable also for Monica grapes cultivation.

The passion of winegrowers, an ambitious investment program and the collaboration with some of the best events on the current wine scene, open up unexpected prospects to the territory of Sorso and Sennori only a few years ago, favouring excellent wines productions and the economy of this area in ​​Northern Sardinia.