Villa Crespia

The Muratori Family has been working for about twenty years in the story of the landscapes where the estate vineyards are located. They operate in Franciacorta, in the Brescian municipality of Adro, where Villa Crespia Estate is located, dedicated to the exclusive production of Franciacorta sparkling wines according to the dictates of the Italian Traditional Method, and in Suvereto (Tuscany), with Rubbia a Colle Estate with the production of red wines from Sangiovese and Bordeaux grape varieties. Since its foundation, Villa Crespia has always been dedicated to an exclusive production of Franciacorta, with grapes from the vineyards owned by the Muratori Family, which has interpreted in an innovative way the peculiar morainic conformation of Franciacorta terroir, following the first zoning study made by the Franciacorta Consortium. In fact, the vineyards have been planted in such a way to represent the pedoclimatic variability of Franciacorta, arriving to include vineyards up to 350 m s.l.m. with exposure also to the north towards Lake Iseo. Each vineyard, cultivated with specific vines and clones, respects the vocation its area, offering grapes with a strong personality and variability, particularly linked to their original terroir.

Villa Crespia owns vineyards in each of the six vocational units of Franciacorta, producing 6 Franciacorta sparkling wines, each representing its own landscape based on the zoning of the territory. The winery is developed vertically and horizontally according to the most modern technologies and in a rational manner, in order to convey the philosophy of a low impact and non-invasive enology, where the physical action of time and temperature are privileged. The grapes are vinified and the wines are assembled according to their origin, working by fall, without using mechanical tools, in full respect of the raw material.