Tedeschi boast of an almost 4-century long history in the wine business and has always believed in the richness of Valpolicella wine production. They have reinterpreted it in a modern key and have adopted the most innovative production methods.

Tedeschi respect and promote the area by producing powerfuleleganttypical wines that are rich in character. Thanks to the colour, the aroma and the taste of their wines, you will discover the strong character and love of the people who produced themthe gentle hills where grapes are grow and the richcomplex cultural heritage and traditions that have been treasured in Valpolicella for centuries. Attention to traditionfocus on innovation and knowledge of the local territory are the key elements that make up the identity of Tedeschi estate. Their identity is based on their territory. This is the starting point to constantly improve their production quality standards.
In this prospective, Tedeschi have worked and are still working to better realize anddevelop its potential by respecting its aptitudes and its pace.

The Tedeschis’ wine cellar is situated at the centre of Pedemonte di Valpolicella. The recently renovated fermentation facilities have a series of horizontal fermenting vats which allow a perfect extraction of compounds from the skins by means of a suitable programme of pumpovers and movements of the solid mass. The winery also has vertical fermenting vats where it is possible to break the cap and push it under the surface by means of a plunging tool. All vats are temperature controlled. The ageing cellar houses some Slavonian oak barrels with a capacity varying from 1,000 to 5,000 litres.

The new state-of-the-art drying loft is located close to the wine cellar. The drying loft too is equipped with a computer system to control temperature and humidity. The building has a capacity up to 450,000 kg of grapes.