Tenuta Mara

We had a clear idea of how the area that would accommodate the Tenuta Mara should be. On the Adriatic coast, at 200 km South of Venice and 350 Km North of Rome close to the charming hill town San Clemente,on the Province of Rimini, we found what we had in mind. Minimize the interference of man, banish all that is not natural and stubbornly seek spontaneity. This is the non interventional Biodynamic method that we have decided to adopt. The grapes that grow at Tenuta Mara are untreated therefore healthy and genuine. The respect that we have for nature also accompanies us in the transformation of the grapes into wine. We do not filter the wine in order not to damage the texture and we do not press the marc because we only make use of the free-run-must, the use of sulfur is kept under control as much as possible. Leave it to the earth and the stars to scan the rhythm. Plants are alive, wine is alive! This is why we have chosen to accompany the growth of the vines with classical music. Harmonies of the woodwind instruments, harps and violins resonate in a huge open-air concert hall. The melody accompanies all the different stages of the process of transformation of the grapes into wine, to the wine cellar where Gregorian chants echo in an atmosphere of absolute peace and meditation.