La Raia

La Raia produce wines of great personality, surprisingly able to evolve. Thanks to the biodynamic organic approach La Raia have discovered the Gavi terroir’s originality and vitality, a century-long history of nature. And their wines are a pure expression of it.
La Raia follow the biodynamic organic approach, not only dispensing with fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, but also using the soil and its vital resources in a careful and responsible way. The traditional agriculture uses fertilizers, instead: plants are nourished with soluble food which roots absorb passively; vines loose thus their identity and the relationship with the soil; flavours and fruits all taste alike.
Biodynamic treatments are a way of harmonizing the farm and the universe formative rhythm.
By choosing the biodynamic organic approach, La Raia managed to rediscover and enhance all the original features of the Gavi terroir. They now produce genuine, savoury wines of great personality and with typical mineral notes.

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