The Berici Hills, a small gem in the heart of the Veneto region, are long known for their strong wine tradition, surrounded by a fascinating landscape.
A place where grapevines and olive trees rule uncontestably and nature is still considered a true treasure. Among valleys and small villages, scented with ancient history, lies Pegoraro winery – set in a old convent, whose history goes back to 1200. Starting out as a shelter for travelers, then a residence and finally a winery.
Pegoraro follow all their wines carefully throughout all phases: the soil turning into grapevine, flower turning into fruit and finally grapes turning into a scent, a sensation, an emotion.
Wine and wine making mean more than a simple job to do and a simple passion to those of us in Mossano, since 1927.
Today: Pasquale, Franca, Enrico, Alessandro and Valeria.

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