Enchanting Vulture is considered the natural parent of a symbol wine which is the holy fruit of a blessed, eternal and generously lush nature. Aglianico del Vulture is our country mirror, fully resembling its land of origin. It bounds a generous and hidden region resting, just like a precious stone, between Tirrenian and Ionian seas, crossed by five rivers and deeply marked by green borderies recalling painful memories.
Holy red fruit bleeding and pulsing as into humans’ veins, recalling passionate men and women once strolling along narrow countryside different trails similar and unlike, just like wine floating into barrels. Sacred red grape enticingly stunning: its name is Aglianico.

Paternosters’ brand new cellars are located within family’s estate of Villa Rotondo in “Contrada Valle del Titolo”in Barile.
It is quite an ambitious project launching the company towards new goals, though it remains deeply rooted to origins and traditions.

The cellar has been designed on two floors: the first level hosting welcome area and offices is a boast of crystals, foiled wood and copper; an extraordinary glance on harrowing beauty of vineyards and olive yards overlooking the entire valley; all crushing and vinification machines, bottling area, some of the ageing barriques and precious oak casks are located on the basement .Here 100% Aglianico, affectionately nick named as “Vulture” , rests until malolactic fermentation has made its total course. Basic wines selected for a further storage, like “Don Anselmo” and “Rotondo” move to our historical cellar in Barile to lay peacefully protected by natural and fresh darkness of volcanic soil, among other barriques and large casks.

This context, dating back to 1925, is the place where we retrieve our origins, history of Vulture enology and a pleasant peaceful soul feeling that Paternosters’ like to offer to plenty of visitors anxious to find out the magic trail lost some way between past and future.