La Montina

The estate La Montina is situated in the territory of Monticelli Brusati, it’s a country that occupies a beautiful strip of land between Iseo’s Lake and the morainic Amphitheatre of Franciacorta, in an area that benefits a special microclimate, and this is particularly conducive to the cultivation of the vine.
The vineyards extend over an area of about 72 hectares deployed in 7 municipalities located in the Franciacorta territory, with a predominantly hilly and on limestone and clay silt soils. Franciacorta wines La Montina are produced according to the strict rules of Discipline of the Franciacorta Wines Consortium, the most restrictive in the world regarding the classical method. Confirming a face job searching for the highest quality zoning study, begun in 1992 by the producers of the “Consortium for the protection of Franciacorta”, allowed to define the great wine-producing vocational nature of Franciacorta, studying and evaluating the effect of climatic, geographical characteristics and morphology of the territory.
This innovative detection system has allowed, and still allows, enhancing the interaction between the vine and the cultivation environment, enhancing the specificity and behavioral adaptation of a variety to the cultivation area.