In 1968, Armando Serena created a new winery with a unique style, starting an independent wine production in Venegazzù, a small fraction of Montello. For the past 135 years the Serena family has dedicated its commitment and passion to the production of wine, showing both traditional approch in production in the production systems and modern business model. The Montelvini group is designed to respond effectively to all the needs of wine market: on the one hand there are S.Osvaldo and Monvin, respectively the historic wine cellar of the Veneto DOC and DOCG wines and the label dedicated to the production of quality draft wines; on the other, stead, Montelvini, which is the label linked to the territories of Asolo and Valdobbiadene and under this name the company produces a vast line of Prosecco DOC Treviso wines, Asolo Montello DOCG and Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG. To date, the Montelvini group boasts 4 million bottles, of which 1.7 million bottles of Prosecco. Montelvini is the guiding brand of the group and the one that embodies the highest ambitions.

The Montelvini vineyards are located in the Montello area and in the Asolo hills. Venegazzù is the town where the headquarters of Montelvini is located and "Le Zuitere" is the farm that surrounds it. Venegazzù derives from "vignazui", which means "winemakers" in the local dialect: those who take care of the vines, who love them, cultivate them and turn them into the Glera grapes in the Prosecco that we all know. The "Presa IX" estate takes its name from the road ("presa" ) which leads to the farm: "prese" represent the "roads network" of Montello: they are the result of the control of the forest territory wanted by the Republic of Venice since the 1400s. Finally, the Fontana Masorin vineyard, which owes its name to a natural source of water that laps the edges of the estate in one of the most fascinating dolines of Montello, where great wines are produced, always with the aim of giving true wine lovers a treasure of rare excellence.