Massimago 1883

Massimago is a wine company in an all feminine way. It is an idea, an ambitious project full of expectations and determination. From the Latin word Maximum Agium = the maximum benefit The estate is set in the valley of Mezzane, in the most secret and wild Valpolicella and it has belonged to the Cracco Family since 1883. From 2003 it has had its renaissance as a Company.

“We have never been aware of the actual economic potential of our Company: our enthusiasm and passion have been sufficient in our business plan to sweep away any doubts and shadows of uncertainty. Suddenly Massimago from a warm country home is becoming an artist’s studio, a creative workshop, my real workroom for my thoughts. It is also strange from me to call it a Company. Massimago and I are tightly holding our hands, step by step, sooner or later we shall arrive, but please do not hurry us, time in nature is slow and unstoppable.”

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