The Gaja family settled down in Piedmont in the mid-17th century. Five generations have been involved in winemaking since Giovanni Gaja, in 1859, founded his winery in Barbaresco, in the heart of the Langhe area. Angelo, Giovanni’s son, represents the second generation. In 1905 he married Clotilde Rey, a determined and ambitious woman who strongly influenced him to make production choices entirely committed to quality. Giovanni Gaja, Clotilde’s and Angelo’s son, who died in 2002, was an outstanding artisan. He earned a leading position on the market by making Barbaresco his symbol wine and introducing the philosophy - still pursued today - of bottling only the best vintages while selling the others in bulks. In addition, he increased the number of vineyards owned by the family by purchasing Costa Russi, Sorì Tildin, Sorì San Lorenzo and Darmagi, thus improving and consolidating wine production. 
Angelo Gaja, raised with the artisanal culture values inculcated by his father, represents the fourth generation. He joined the company in 1961 and from the very beginning he proved to have great personality, by making choices based on the search for innovative winegrowing and winemaking solutions. Moreover, he introduced new varieties in the Langhe area and consolidated the fame of Barbaresco around the world.
In 1994 the Gaja family purchased the Pieve S. Restituta winery in Montalcino and in 1996 a second estate was purchased in Bolgheri, Tuscany, where the Ca’Marcanda winery was created. Wine has always been a family tradition, as the dreams and projects of a generation are developed and completed by the next generations. In the family business Angelo is supported by his wife Lucia and his daughters Gaia and Rossana who, since 2004 and 2009 respectively, have been dealing with the winery management and represent the fifth generation.

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