With over a century of history and a gold book of prizes of awards without parallel, Ferrari is the Italian leading winery of Metodo Classico and Italian Ambassador of the art of living today. The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and his dream of creating in Trentino a wine capable of dealing with the best French Champagnes. He is a pioneer: he was the first who realize the extraordinary vocation of his land, who first spread the Chardonnay in Italy. He started to produce a few highly select bottles, with an obsessive attention for quality.

Receiving immediately major international awards, Ferrari is reserved for only the most exclusive clients.

As he had no children, Giulio Ferrari began looking for a successor to whom entrusts his dream. Among many candidates he chose Bruno Lunelli, owner of a wine shop in Trento. Thanks to his passion and entrepreneurial talent, Bruno Lunelli succeeded in increasing production without ever compromising on quality.

Bruno Lunelli conveyed his passion to his sons; under the leadership of Franco, Gino and Mauro, Ferrari became the market leader in Italy and the nation's celebratory wine par excellence.

In this period, some of the Company's wines were created that were destined to go down in history: we are talking about Ferrari Rosé, Ferrari Perlé and Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore.

With its mountain viticulture, Trentino is an area that is extraordinarily suited to the production of sparkling wines of great elegance and complexity: the alternation of warm days and cool nights gives added quality to the grapes, giving them a rainbow of different flavours and fragrances.

There is a profound link with the territory and respect for the land in every single operation: all of Ferrari's wines are Trentodoc and are produced exclusively from grapes grown in Trentino at high altitudes using sustainable farming methods.

In Ferrari’s vineyards, attention has been focused on the concept of the soil itself, inspired by the principles of organic cultivation and recuperating certain traditional agricultural practices such as the use of green manure. All of the family's vineyards are currently being converted to organic cultivation methods.

Each bottle is a unique episode.