Diesel Farm

"When you sip a glass of wine, you can taste many subtle influences. My wine and the other products from the Diesel Farm are the result of all the things I love: my origins, the land I am passionate about, the rural traditions instilled in me by my father and the ancient craft of winemaking. Highly innovative techniques, combined with a deep respect for tradition, have given life to a unique product line. Enjoy!" - Renzo Rosso

Bought in the 1994 by Renzo Rosso, distinctive and imaginative founder of Diesel (one of the world's most successful fashion brands), Diesel Farm is an estate of over 100 hectares situated on the Marostica hills (Vicenza, Italy) and is made up of a main farmhouse and numerous other buildings. Fresh, sunny and airy, the climate of the Diesel Farm, situated at 300 metres of altitude, is particularly indicated for the cultivation of vineyards. The farm consists of a natural oasis with animals, pastures and a vast forest area. Cultivated with vineyards and olive trees the Diesel Farm presently has more than a hectare of vineyards cultivated with Chardonnay, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon and since the 2003 vintage also the Pinot Nero. In the near future other 4 hectares will be cultivated in a high density way. Moreover other 4 hectares are cultivated by the olive trees, from which extra virgin oil is produced. 
Renovated by Renzo Rosso with the care, perfectionism and passion that he puts in everything he does, the Diesel Farm, faithful to the original spirit and exterior to any prefixed schemes of Diesel, didn't merely remain a production centre for wine and olive oil, but is often transformed into the location of business meetings, luncheons and company parties.
All the vineyards are located in the Breganze DOC area and the wines produced by Diesel Farm are:

  • Rosso di Rosso (Merlot and Carbenet Sauvignon, in different blend, depending on the vintage)
  • Bianco di Rosso (100% Chardonnay)
  • Nero di Rosso (100% Pinot Nero)

The packaging of the bottles reflects the original and innovative soul that is Diesel's, maintaining the respect of the history of winemaking: classic Madeira bottles with letters stamped directly on the glass and hand numbered. 

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