The Catabbo company was born in 1990, when Vincenzo Catabbo succeeds in realizing his dream of dedicating himself to viticulture and the production of wine. In this way, with passion and innovated knowledge he starts planting vines, all in rigorous rows. In the year 2004, thanks to the predisposition of his three children, Sara, Carla and Pasquale, he decided to make a change in his company, by creating a modern cellar for the wine making of his own grapes, taking particular care of the enhancement of wines' quality. In this project the rediscovery and vinification of the Tintilia native grape variety plays a priority role. Thanks to the care of the vineyards, sites on particularly well-equipped grounds and the use of modern wine-making techniques, Catabbo today boasts numerous awards on national and foreign markets.

Currently, Cantine Catabbo includes the historic Contrada Petriera estate and Tenuta al Calvario, which consists of small merged farms on the top of a small hill. A total of 80 hectares, of which 40 are cultivated with vineyards, all strictly in rows, on steep terrains with a medium clayey consistency and of which 13 are the hectares of Tintilia. From 2019 all the production is entirely Certified Organic and the wines are vinified with indigenous yeasts.

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