Borgo di Colloredo

Enrico and Pasquale Di Giulio represent the third generation of a family of winegrowers from Campomarino, Molise. The first in the winery, the second among the vineyards, have been able to give a productive and commercial turn to the company founded in 1961, so much so that today the winery Borgo di Colloredo is one of the reference reality of the Molise wine scene.

The property consists in about 80 hectares in which are mainly cultivated the vines of the southern tradition such as Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Falanghina, Aglianico and Malvasia, but the company also gave space to innovation with the expansion of the wine heritage with Garganica, Chardonnay and Syrah.

The vineyards are hilly, located a few kilometers from the Adriatic sea, and they are mostly cultivated in rows, even though in some parcels there is still the pergola. The soil is of medium mixture tending to clayey. The estate is located in Molise, on gentle slopes facing the Adriatic Sea that have always enjoyed a mild, temperate climate, ideal for growing grapes.

The earth is, first of all, the place where life is born, its health is the most precious heritage to be delivered to future generations. For this reason, in the cultivation of vineyards, the two brothers have chosen integrated methods of defense, believing in the strength of natural resources and choosing, on equal terms, the techniques with the lowest environmental impact.

The most authentic tradition can support the most modern technologies, and that is why, Enrico and Pasquale, apply to the management of vineyards, the techniques of precision viticulture, focusing on the sustainability and enhancement of a territory that has a fascinating cultural history.

An ancient history, a family with solid traditions, a harsh and changing territory, with a thousand-year history, all this is contained in the wines Borgo di Colloredo.