The Bisol winery, founded in 1875 by Eliseo Bisol and now leader in the production of sparkling wines from Veneto, has a family history in the ancient territory of Valdobbiadene, characterized by innovative imprint that distinguishes today. Qualitative growth of the company was determined mainly by the experimentation of new techniques on their own vineyards, that is necessary to produce top quality wines.
Antonio Bisol recalls: “My father Desiderio was acutely sensitive to product quality and always tried to buy the best plots, the most expensive and steepest and therefore the most difficult to work, but it was that very steepness and composition which made them ideal for nurturing Glera grapes”.

Today the vineyards are spread over 20 estates immersed in the steep hills othat from Valdobbiadene towards Conegliano, the most prestigeous areas of the appellation. The land is extremely fragmented and studded with small plots, so much so that the average size of each property is little more than a hectare. Particularly noteworthy is the project led on the Venetian island of Mazzorbo, where it was recovered Dorona, an old lagoon grape variety.

A working knowledge of the peculiar problems inherent in this territory will allow you to fully understand the importance of that little bit extra that distinguishes Bisol: one of the few companies that directly manage the entire wine-making process from the initial careful choice of land right through to the final bottling process. 
This guarantees the maximum quality yield, as each single stage, fundamental in determining the final quality level, requires constant and rigorous control. 
The feather in the cap is the three hectares of land managed on the summit of the Cartizze hill: an area that winds along the crest of the steep hill at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level and benefits from total exposition to sunlight as well as continuous ventilation that together with the sandy nature of the land makes it an area of rare value.

The quality of Bisol is highly regarded and appreciated in all the countries of the world where Prosecco has reached and this is not by chance. Cultures and gastronomic styles of all types have found a perfect union with their tastes and life style in the wines of the Bisol family.
It is for this reason that during the last 10 years Bisol Prosecco has crossed far-flung borders and improbable frontiers arriving on markets that were hitherto considered impossible to reach.

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