Bellenda is a family company passionate about its winemaking heritage. The past is solid, secure, as the ground dense of our rows; nevertheless the future is liquid, researched, as the best fruit of our vineyards.  Bellenda is the link between the two realities, the family-business that succeeded in condensing the wisdom of the soil in the richness of wine.  A living challenge for the Cosmos to combine tradition and innovation with the goal of realizing the best expression of our wines.

These DOCG superior grapes are restricted to a limited area of Valdobbiadene-Conegliano, including the vineyards of Carpesica, a family’s property. The winery and the vineyards are in Carpesica, a little hamlet of Vittorio Veneto, on the east-north side of DOCG area.

The passion of our Oenologists for the Traditional Method opens the door to one of the first productions of Prosecco with Traditional Method (Champagne) in the National and International Market.