"We asked what our dreams are made of and we all agreed on one answer. Bellavista is right at the forefront with its anti- conformist and enterprising style, a style that continues to seek the essence of its true character in the deepest roots of this amazing land, with its truly unique climactic and geological features" - Francesca Moretti, CEO Bellavista.

New Air on Wine.
That’s the name we’ve given to this colourful idea in which our bubbles are clad. A New Air because the energy that surrounds Bellavista is a life-enhancing concept, a forward-looking spirit that we’ve always nurtured and that has made many dreams come true. Almost forty years on from the foundation of Bellavista, we felt the need to review how our image was portrayed and we have tried to achieve this while remaining faithful to the wine making and grape growing philosophy that is a trademark of our wines and their style.

The result is all summed up in the joyous moment when we make a toast, in the perfect harmony of the flavour and in the depth and expanse of how this is expressed. Nature, purity and truth. Courage, will and perseverance in finding new roads and new directions. Trust in man and in his potential. A sense of responsibility for the future so that we can guarantee continuity over different generations. This is what Bellavista is all about and this is the free spirit that we wish to convey with our new image, which abounds with joy, energy and colour – just like nature and just like the bubbles that fill our glasses with light. And in the air you can feel the very spirit that has always been what our dreams are made of.

"Bellavista sums up my way of life and of doing business" - Vittorio Moretti, Bellavista Chairman.

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