Scarbolo is a boutique family winery established in 1982. Today helmed by the third generation of the family’s winemakers, its history is deeply intertwined with that of its homeland, Friuli. Gino, the first Wheel, was a tenant farmer on the hills bordering Slovenia until the early 50s when, capitalizing on an opportunity to finally acquire his own land, moved to Lauzacco, the home of Scarbolo today. Amongst the planted crops, his son Valter matured a deep passion for grapes. Strong of an oenological education and inspirations from both the French and German schools, he made sure his debut in the family business was loud and clear: by the early '80es, he had realized his vision of a fully vertically integrated winery, from vine to bottle – moving on from the sale of bulk wine. Through those wines, he shared the innovative, progressive and at times rebellious spirit that still defines the Winery today.

Over the following decades, Scarbolo enjoyed both growth – taking its wines and the vision they represent around the World – as well as a few significant hurdles, topped by the loss of the winery at the hands of a tornado in the summer of 2010, weeks before the harvest. With the heart and soul vanished in a glimpse of Nature’s volition, the hope, tenacity, and belief in the next generation of the family kept Valter and his wife Grazia, the Wheels, turning and the winery moved forward and up again.

In 2016, this wish came true when Lara, the then 23 years old daughter of Valter, joined the winery as the new head winemaker, later followed by her brother Mattia. Together, they carry forward and consolidate the original spirit of the Winery, while shaping their own vision of a contemporary, idyllic, and all- embracing winemaking House.