"The love and dedication to our work can not be separated from consciousness of being really lucky people. Lucky because being able to love and to contribute to the beauty of our territory, through our own daily work and the development of all places in Alta Marcca Treviagiana, that surprise us even today, every single time we contemplate them".

Armando and Franco Adami.


Historical testimonies date back to the Middle Ages the natural viticulture bent of the hills of the Marca Treviagiana. Here excellent white wines were produced and, as some writings of 1606 showed us, they were exported and appreciated in Venice, Germany and even in Poland. It was a natural selection to impose the Glera, a white grape variety, in this wine-making area of the Alta Marca and especially of ​​Valdobbiadene, where reigns, since then, on the steep slopes of the Pliocene hills. The story begins when, in 1920, Abele the grandfather bought from Balbi Valier count a vineyard  that enjoyed the exposure of a natural amphitheatre, lovely and full of promise. The severe atmosphere (we are close to the first peaks of the Dolomites) is well protected and kissed by the warm light of midday. In this environment, characterized by solid roots in the past and the hard peasant life, rich in tradition, begins the story of Prosecco from Casa Adami. The area of ​​the DOCG Prosecco Superiore and Cartizze Doc, certified since 1969 and recognized "Guaranteed" from 2010, is located in the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. Prosecco here is “Superiore”for the great quality that naturally expresses, thanks to the unique microclimate created by the Dolomites in northern side, which protect the territory from cold winds, and natural ventilation from the Venetian Lagoon in the southern side. This ensures the "Rive" ideal thermal excursions, day and night, perfect for ripening of grapes rich in flavor and freshness. The term "Rive" in the local dialect, indicating the vineyards in the hills, climb up steep slopes. This term becomes synonymous with supreme excellence, as it reveals the precious uniqueness of each hill. In 1933 Abele Adami selected and presented the "Riva Giardino" wine, made of grapes from what is now called "Vigneto Giardino".

"There are people who can listen to the whispers of nature, observe and understand the essence of places became their home, in the name of a respectful balance sealed by silence".

Adami Proseccos born with these premises.

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