Abate Nero

ABATE NERO The name evokes the figure of a French abbot, but it is actually a traditional sparkling wine characteristic of the Trentino region.
It represents the very nature of the wineries of Trentino that enthusiastically make wine with passion, almost as if a challenge to themselves, ensuring pleasure for the most discerning consumers. Abate Nero is also the outcome of this, of the commitment of several friends, all involved in the agronomy and wine sector, who are determined to increasingly develop bubbly that is the best and the most unique, prestigious and unquestionable example of Trento DOC.
The challenge therefore developed into a joyful production enterprise. The original character, however, has remained the same: artisan production, complying with the regulations of traditional sparkling wine production, with the greatest attention given to each phase. Patience is the norm here. The wine ages on yeasts for the prise de mousse for a much longer time than usual. Do not be surprised if you find dates on the label that go back to previous vintages. All phases are carried out manually so that each single bottle can be directly monitored. Only in this way, can Abate Nero achieve its charm. Linear and dynamic, with a tangy minerality, it has a creamy effervescence and surprisingly fresh acidity, which guarantee finesse, sophistication and persistency over time.