Vino nobile di Montepulciano Vigneto St. Ercolano 2006

This wine is very communicative and has sparked the curiosity of all those who have drunk it. Many have asked themselves how this wine could still be this good after ten years. And we’re not talking about how a wine can be good after ten years, but the simple fact that this wine was specifically designed to be good after so much time. We’re using a play on words to explain the fact that some wines are lovely because they are fresh and eager, while others attract us with their subtle complexity and the intertwining nuances they develop as they age in the bottle.  Different wines, different emotions. Vino nobile di Montepulciano Vigneto St. Ercolano 2006 is a deep wine with a remarkable expressive style. It needs air to gain confidence and express itself. It needs to get to know you before it reveals its most guarded sensations. You can’t judge it the first time you lower your nose into a glass of it, and maybe not even the second time around, because it’s the wine that is testing you. This wine was crafted exactly to have this type of evolution. The shades of its oxidation are important. These are the light hues that make every inhalation of this wine relevant. It will gradually take you into an almost perverse imaginary world that will make you want it and reject it at the same time. It’s a wine for people who reflect, it’s a wine for the intellect before being a table wine, the right place for it. It recalls something ancient, primordial even, as strong memories seem to overtake. It is reminiscent of leather intertwined with spices, of cigars, of cedar wood but also of walnut shells, of dry sun-baked Mediterranean shrubs where the smell of juniper berries lightly brushes the nose and leaves a vague memory. Hints of dry flowers and macerated fruit blend together. And then, deep down, there’s something green, perhaps a shrub, an unpicked fruit that beacons from afar. Only ten minutes have passed and it has already changed. The fruity aspect begins to come to the forefront, it’s now clearer, more precise. A blackberry… fresh – incredible -, a dark plum and a vague hint of black pepper at the finish. But it goes on changing and speaking, it tells of its history, it whispers like a courtesan to her admirer, one who wants her without having her. This fabulous sensation, this dream, is then cast aside by a very serious palate that does not permit this line of thought.  A very fine tannin comes through and moves over the entire palate, capturing each and every sensation with only the slightest bit of sweetness in the finish to reveal its aristocratic soul. Intense, lingering, full of memories and aromatic returns that continue the reflection. That’s how this wine is, regardless of what they say. It’s for anyone who wants to set off on a journey that hinges on one’s own memories, on one’s own wine tasting experiences. That’s how this wine is, beyond vintages, beyond critics, beyond… time. 

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