Vermentino: wanderer grape and perfect companion for the everyday table

Vermentino is a surprisingly eclectic grape variety. It grows in Liguria, Tuscany, Corsica and even in Spain and it's rich in taste and olfactory impressions, as well as versatile on the table. In short: an excellent companion of for the everyday table.

Vermentino is a surprisingly eclectic grape variety. Usually when you think about this grape, you always think to Sardinia. Current thinking but not always correct. In fact, there is one detail to keep in mind. Vermentino is a grape variety that grows in Liguria, Tuscany, Corsica and even in Spain. The reason is obvious: it is the story of the same grape variety to tell us the reasons for his "wandering".

The views on the origins of this grape are as conflicting as fascinating. Worldwide ampelographers clash with passion even today on the events of this grape. It is the opinion of many that it has Spanish origins and only after it has spread in France, in the areas of "Languedoc-Roussillon", where it is called "Malvoisie Précoce d'Espagne" or "Malvoisie à gros Grains". Then it could be moved to Corsica, where today is the major wine-growing of the island.
In addition to Sardinia, especially in Gallura, which is the perfect territory where Vermentino gives its maximum highlighting specific character associated with this area, Vermentino has spread to other parts of Italy. We have it in Tuscany, in the area of ​​Massa Carrara and the Apuan Alps, Livorno and the island of Elba. It is well-known also the Vermentino Ligure Vermentino, which has become the bearer of Liguria, where viticulture is called “heroic” because extremely difficult. Talking about Liguria, some experts believe that Vermentino originates, however, in Liguria and only after it has spread in Italy in a sort of reverse process to that described above, until reaching Spain, despite his appearance in Sardinia is still recent, - dating back to just mid-nineteenth century, with the first vineyards built exactly in Gallura.
However, what is fascinating is the availability of Vermentino to acclimatize in different territories and, at the same time, the characteristics that distinguish it according to the soils where it’s planted. The temperate climate of the Mediterranean coast is the perfect environment for the stability of this variety, which has found the ideal temperature.
Anyway, it is better to leave researches to the experts and just drink this wonderful wine rich in taste and olfactory impressionsVermentino is versatile on the table. It is easy to pair with many different dishes, ranging from fresh cheeses and sliced meat, up to seafood, shellfish and grilled fish. It is also perfect with risottos, omelets, mushrooms and white meat. In short, it is really an excellent companion of for the everyday table.

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