Umberto Cesari's Liano tasting

Assaggiamo il “Liano” 2012 dell’azienda “Umberto Cesari”. Un’azienda che non ha bisogno di presentazioni, come tanto meno il vino che, come molti di voi appassionati sapranno, altro non fa che mietere premi a livello internazionale.

We taste the "Liano" 2012 of "Umberto Cesari" winery. It's a winery that needs no introduction, exactly as its wine, which, like many wine lovers know, does nothing but reap awards internationally. However, even if a wine has achieved dozens of awards, we always ask if it's really good. Never lose your judgment. Let's uncork and see how it is.
We note a good color at sight and intensity and persistence on the nose, which is clean and immediately pleasant. It brings to mind herbaceous memories, currant sprouts in the back that give way to the fruit. The fruity aromas are divided between red and black fruit, with hints of alcoholic fruits and jam. Subtle spices like black pepper, cloves and cinnamon occupy the central part of the wine. The palate is more detailed and precise. The pleasant acid rhythm is immediate. Medium bodied, compact, with fine and well distributed tannins. A juicy fruit. Excellent aftertaste that recalls in a new draft. A wine more than good, where the expression on the palate wins even before the nose.

This wine is perfect if paired with meat dishes, mixed grilled, medium-aged cheeses and baked pasta.