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Super Tuscan... legend or reality? "Super Tuscan" wines are neither legend nor reality, but a pleasant Italian enoic truth. According to some fans, the famous "Super Tuscans" is nothing more than a lazy mirror, especially for foreign markets; for many others, instead, they are great Italian red wines, in the wake of the French big names that even people who doesn't drink alcohol know.


The term "Super Tuscan" seems to have been born in Tuscany in the '80s, in order to indicate a red wine other than the usual known in the region. Experts needed a name to indicate a great wine, distinguishing it, at the same time, from other famous Tuscan reds: Chianti, Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello. Moreover, it was necessary to highlight a very important and not underestimate factor, that is the substantial difference of these "super wines", made from "unusual" grapes for the Tuscany of that period: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.
Today, as then, the term means wines whose grapes are not only native, but international varieties. We can say that the term "Super Tuscan" is born to fill a void of language, a need to find the right expression indicating the strength of these wonderful wines.
However, it is still in doubt who invented the term "Super Tuscan" for the first time. There are those who refer to the great Luigi Veronelli, others who think it is due to the great British experts who have made Tuscany a cult.


The term began to be used since the 1960s, thanks to the Italian enologists trapped in bureaucratic rules of the winemaking procedural guidelines, which forced the use of native grapes only, while "blend" was deemed improbable by winemakers of that time or by the more traditionalists.
It was a time of research, experimentation, where it was trying to improve the existing productions in all ways. And it is known that in these breasts, fantasy and human experimentation often clash with the bureaucratic part. Moreover, there was the desire to create wines able to support French competition, which, as a blend of international grapes, has to teach. Just think about the history of wines such as "Tignanello", "Sassicaia" and many others, where in their blend falls international and/or native grapes.


According to many, the system to recognize a "Super Tuscan" wine on the wine list is to find it with a different name than the usual known Tuscan ones, which always refer to the origin area. An example is Chianti. According to many others, instead, the wine has to be tasted.

Our thoughts? Taste the wine you have in the glass and if you are involved in a feeling of absolute pleasure, then maybe you will be facing one of the famous "Super Tuscan". Be careful to the wallet, because this type of wine is not always cheap, especially if we refer to the usual known ... but they are the classic wines that sooner or later you should taste once in a lifetime.

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