The spicy that originates in Texas

According to many lovers of the "spicy thrill", the origins of the spicy cuisine are linked to that called "Texicana". If this story were true, it would be a cuisine dated back to ancient times. Precisely in 1540, when a captain of the Spanish army decided to seek the legendary "El Dorado". It was, in fact, Francisco Vásquez, head of the Spanish army who left the current Mexico and headed southwest. Decision that promoted the current Texas colonization by the "conquistadores". Time passes and the story tells of wars and betrayals that occurred in that part of the planet in an Mexico’s attempt of gaining its independence, that came around on 1821, a period in which Mexico took control of the state of Texas. During these centuries of profound changes, there was an exchange of people and cultures that led to a mixture of cooking and its ingredients. Apparently, the origin of Tex-Mex started at this time. The dish that distinguishes this type of cuisine is chili, because in one word collect all the fundamental ingredients that give life to this way to satisfy the palate.

The original preparation of chili, consists of a meat stew, strictly hand-cut, and combined with spices and in particular red chillies. It’s placed in a pot and cooked slowly. Today, the type of meat used is predominantly beef, but, at the time of "cowboys", also game, crocodile or porcupine meat were used. Chili enjoys so much consideration that has been named national dish of the state of Texas in 1977. To give another confirmation of the importance of chili for Americans, there is an annual race held in a remote location of this American state and all the "chili head" (fans of this dish) show and compare their recipes. The American "chili people" is so numerous and interested in "chili world", that many magazines are born writing about this theme - the best known is the "chili pepper magazine" - and there are worldwide associations that publish books on the subject and organize fierce competitions. Moreover, there are also evolutions of this way of cooking that resembles Texas’ taste and Mexico’s scents. In fact, there are versions of vegetarian Tex-Mex, one that uses so-called light or white meat, until reaching much more gourmet proposal.

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