Sergio Mottura, from cellar tests to international markets.

We moved to Latium, the Italian region that does not benefit, in general, from consumers’ attention, except for experts or for locals who know the production of their territory. That’s why wines produced in Latium have a large domestic consumption. Latium, however, can be tricky in the wine field and worthy of attention. To confirm what we’ve just said is "Sergio Mottura", winery of this region that makes the difference. We are in a territory divided between hills and mountains, and being closed to the sea and lakes help those who are in charge of vineyards. "Sergio Mottura" is famous.
The winery is known, in fact, among fans and the experts in field as a guide in the development of native grapes and their re-evaluation within a market not so attentive to territory’s origins, until recently. It is fair to say that Sergio has devoted body and soul to the DNA studies of local grape varieties in relation to land, vines and wine-making system. This work led him to value a grape type often underrated: "Grechetto".
At this point the only thing we can do is to taste the "Grechetto Latour a Civitella", obtained precisely from single-variety "Grechetto", fermented in "barrels" of French oak. In the beginning, smells of vanilla and herbs. Fruity and floral memories, of sunflowers, broom, magnolia, with hints of citrus and lemon leaves. The palate is well structured, more precise in detail by an aromatic point of view. Measured freshness and flavour at the end. Closing a little contracted on the finish. A great wine with tendency to improve and to pair with dishes of fish and white meat. Do not forget that this wine was the first white wine from Latium to obtain "3 Bicchieri" award of the Italian wine guide of Gambero Rosso.