The scents of Sardinia told by Pala, historic producer of the island.

Traveling the roads of Sardinia, the eye gets lost in the excitement of a thrilling sight. The charm of this island is hypnotic. The hills, the vastness of the sea, greenery and smells exert a unique fascination. In Sardinia, the air smells of herbs, sea, mixtures of spices and precious flowers. The charm of this island is easier to find in the produced wines. Sardinia is the second largest island of Mediterranean Sea and, although it highlights common features with other regions of the peninsula, it retains geographical, geological, climatic, historical and cultural original factors that are reflected in viticulture.

Among the white grape varieties, the best known of the region is certainly Vermentino. Eclectic grape, grown in most areas of the Mediterranean, stretching from Spain to Liguria as well as Corsica and, indeed, Sardinia, where it finds its perfect "habitat".

"Vermentino di Sardegna I Fiori" 2014 is made from Vermentino single-variety in steel. Steel vinification allows to highlight grape’s peculiarities, which in this way can be better identified. This wine is producted by Pala, historic winery from Serdiana - in the province of Cagliari - with vineyards and estates in some of the best areas of Sardinia. Pala family is wine-maker for generations and in the course of time it has integrated to tradition all innovation through which extract all features of their wines. "I Fiori" has a clean, intense and persistent smell. Smells of fresh fruit, lime, with notes of Mediterranean scrub and aromatic herbs. A light tropical accent gives, instead, greater complexity. A chilly hint of honey in the background gives, however, subtle depth. Gentle freshness and pleasant sour flavor arise at the end, on the palate. It is a perfect wine for an aperitif with shellfish and for the everyday table, paired with dishes of fish, fresh cheese and risottos.

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