Risotto is a classic dish of Italian cuisine. With squash and mushrooms, it's an explosion of flavours, a true ode to these vegetables, the queens of the fall season.


This week we present you with a rather unusual recipe.


According to many lovers of the "spicy thrill", the origins of the spicy cuisine are linked to that called "Texicana". If this story were true, it would be a cuisine dated back to ancient times. Precisely in 1540, when a captain of the Spanish army decided to seek the legendary "El Dorado".


This delicious shrimps dish is an excellent example of matching shrimps and pumpkin. It is not unusual, you have probably already seen and maybe even tasted. Well, we did it ourselves and it's a great idea for an elegant fish dinner. Especially if you have the right wine to pair.


This week our recipe crosses borders. We move to Poland, to learn the recipe proposed by chef Tomek Korniluk at the "Zurawina Restaurant" in Warsaw.