Oven-baked beetroot mousse with Belgian chocolate coulis

This week we present you with a rather unusual recipe. It’s from the Jung & Lecker restaurant in Warsaw and it’s remarkable to see how culinary creativity can bring together ingredients that seems light years apart.  Enjoy this recipe, it’s easy to make and, above all, pair it with the right wine.

Ready in: 
2 hours

100 gr. of white chocolate
100 ml. of 36% cream
300 gr. of beetroots
100gr. of dark Belgian chocolate
75 gr. di mascarpone 
50 gr di oscypek – smoked cheese made with salted sheep milk 
1 sprig of fresh marjoram
some slices of raw beet for decoration
lime zest
juice of half a lime


Clean and dry the beets well. Bake in a roasting pan in an oven at 140°C for 80 minutes. Once cooked, cool and peel. Cut them into pieces and purée them.

Warm the cream in a small pan and add the white chocolate, broken it into small pieces, until the chocolate melts. When it chills blend it gently with the puréed beets and the lime juice in the mixer. Place the Belgian chocolate with the lime zest in a double boiler and melt. Then add the mascarpone.

Mise en place:
Spread a tablespoon of the melted Belgian chocolate on an oblong plate.

Place little balls of the beet and white chocolate purée in a nice design on top of it. Sprinkle the dish with shavings of white chocolate and further adorn it with some paper-thin slices of raw beets.

This dish is open to some fascinating pairings like Moscato, Malvasie and, why not, Passito wines. Another interesting pairing could be an aromatic Traminer.