How to open a bottle of wine ... not using a hammer

It seems trivial, and perhaps for many it is, but it’s equally true that you often meet people in big trouble when opening a bottle of wine. And maybe that is the reason why you see more and more videos that explain how to open bottles in various ways and without corkscrew. Let’s see some practical advice on how to handle being familiar with a bottle of wine and avoid bad impression with your guests.

First of all, you have to be careful when store wine at home. Bottle has always to be lying down so as to keep the cork moist and preserve the benefits that result from this type of attention. First of all ... we said, if the cork keeps damp will be easier to remove it, unless it is too wet. In this case, the cork will break exactly as when it is very dry or otherwise crumble, leaving traces of cork inside the bottle of wine. However, proper attention to the preservation of wine at home allow the cork to maintain a good expansion. A cork that fits perfectly to glass bottle prevents air from entering and protects against oxidation. Moreover, thanks to a well maintained cork, which means neither too dry nor too wet, you avoid the annoying residues of cork leaking when it sinks the "worm" of the corkscrew. Always use good corkscrew. On the market you can find great opener that will allow you to have a perfect control of the move you are going to do. Avoid corkscrew told "dancer" or the "skirt", those who have only the worm without support and any kind of " medieval fork ". Be careful not to pierce the cork. You will get things complicated as you would find with the crumbs of cork in the wine navigate. As you have seen, the greatest danger is precisely to ruin the wine with the cork dust, because of a wrong move. The word is not mistreat the cork itself. Even when removing it, try to keep corkscrew and stopper vertically. Do not bend too the cap forward, it will break immediately. Lately we see on the net several ways to open a bottle without a corkscrew. Among these one of those that makes more headlines is one where the tool to open the bottle is a shoe. Personally I've never tried it and frankly I think it is much easier to obtain a bottle opener. Usually if you're in front of important red, open bottles an hour before, never mind the "decanter". It is an operation that serves to make more show than anything else. Learn to pamper the wine in the right glass and hear him grow through its nuances as the time passes. At the opening of the bottle, once used to remove a small portion of the wine with a movement mo 'whip, so to spill a small amount of wine. If you were good at uncork will not need them.