Querciantica Lacrima di Morro d'Alba

Velenosi - 2017
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Sliced and Cured Meat
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Querciantica Lacrima di Morro d'Alba
Grape variety: 
Alcohol %: 
12.5 % vol.
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Serving temperature: 
14-18 °C
Wine aromas: 


Intense ruby red with flashes of violet, its aroma imparts an amazingly rich array of scents: intense and with a pleasant fruity bouquet of strawberries and marasca cherries, flowers that include violets and rosebuds. In the mouth it is soft, slightly tannic, with hints of grass – all in perfect harmony with the bouquet. It pairs very well with the typical products of the Marche like cured meats, pasta in red sauce and with white meat dishes.


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Velenosi's farm was founded in 1984 by two young entrepreneurs, Angela and Ercole Velenosi, in partnership with Dr. Paul Garbini.

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    Bethany Rose Ford62705
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    Ciaveva quellaroma , bono che ha noi piacie molto . Peccato per il tappo che sapeva di vino , e il bicchiere , sempre mezzo vuoto dove che era ottimista lo , vedeva senpre mezzo pieno . Daltronde, è cosi da tempo immemorabile . Da quando esiste, il vino nato dalla costola ,dell omo che ha da puzzà e ,che non deve chiedere mai ! E comunque il bere vincerà sempre sul male ... Amen !
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    vaitranquillo33163's picture
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