Alma Gran Cuvée Franciacorta DOCG Brut

Bellavista -
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Wine aromas: 
White and tropical fruits
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Sliced and Cured Meat
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Alma Gran Cuvée Franciacorta DOCG Brut
Alcohol %: 
12.5 % vol.
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Serving temperature: 
8 °C


Alma Gran Cuvée Bellavista is a point of excellence for Franciacorta. It is the ultimate expression of a project whose objective has been the search for the pure essence of harmony since 1977. Today it symbolises a tradition that strives to represent, in terms of quality and type, the most mysterious soul of the land of Franciacorta, and the wine-making style of Bellavista. This result is achieved through craft methods that have become rare, as a result of the painstaking care we take with each individual phase of the process and the respect we have for ‘time’, choosing nature and its extraordinary biodiversity as the only guide and yardstick. Its name, Alma, pays homage to the Land of Franciacorta which produces wonders to behold (from the Latin ‘almus’ meaning to nurture, feed, give life to, and by extension great, noble, magnificent).


White, bubbly and persistent mousse. Tiny pearl-like chains forming an obvious crown that lasts. Dynamically fizzy and full of vigour. Bright yellow in colour and luminous with obvious glints of green. Bouquet characterised by strong minerality. Full and inviting, it embraces hints of sweet ripe fruit, meringue, pastries and candied citrus peel. Flavour that fully matches the nose, with a creamy, almost crunchy sensation and a texture that combines elegance and lightness, depth and harmony. The vibrant and contemporary character reflects its unmistakeable identity. A character which is uncompromisingly supported by a freshness that maintains its balance over time, revealing a promise of longevity. 


Alma Gran Cuvée Bellavista is the ideal Franciacorta Brut to match fish dishes, from appetizer to the main course, from raw to fried fish. It is surprising with a simple butter and anchovies of the Cantabrian crouton; it perfectly exhaled the taste of fish grills, especially shellfish and shrimps. If you love Japanese cuisine, this Franciacorta Brut is what you need to pair with sushi, especially salmon, shrimp or eel uramaki.



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"We asked what our dreams are made of and we all agreed on one answer. Bellavista is right at the forefront with its anti- conformist and enterprising style, a style that continues to seek the essence of its true character in the deepest roots of this amazing land, with its truly unique climactic and geological features" - Francesca Moretti, CEO Bellavista.

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