Mushrooms and Wine Pairing

For each mushroom its wineDo you love mushrooms but do not know how to match them? If you want to enjoy these delicious fruits of the earth with the right wine, this is the selection just for you.

  • 38,30 €
  • 35,52 €

Pasta and Wine Pairing

A tribute to pasta, a tribute to the most famous Italian dish all over the world! If your lunch will consist in risotto and pasta with meat sauce this is the right selection for you.

  • 28,90 €
  • 27,20 €

GRAND TASTING x12: Fish pairing wines

For all lovers of seafood and high-quality wines, this collection of 12 mixed bottles is perfect for stocking up fresh and light wines to match with fine fish dishes.

  • 126,20 €
  • 120,74 €

Pizza and Wine Pairing

Matching pizza with wine is a problem that has always engaged pizza’s fans. Having to give up tasty pizza only because wine is missing, it’s not so pleasant. Therefore, we have created this selection to match most of the pizzas you usually eat.

  • 25,30 €
  • 23,32 €

Cheese and Wine Pairing

How to enhance a wine & cheese pairing? For cheese lovers who want to enhance the object of their fondness through the right pairing, this is the choise. A simple selection but useful wines made of 3 bottles, that can meet different needs.

  • 29,90 €

Wines for Vegetarian dishes

Being vegetarian does not mean to be teetotaller and, above all, that there cannot be a desire to enhance one’s own preparations. With this selection, we come to the aid of vegetarian wine lovers.

  • 97,20 €

Wine and Dessert Pairing

At the end of a dinner or a lunch it’s important to serve desserts, maybe something special for fruit or refined pastries and maybe you do not have the wine to emphasize what you’ve prepared.

  • 54,80 €