Amarone Trio

Fusing enological wisdom and medieval pride: Amarone & Valpolicella.
Inspired by the rambling vineyards of Valpolicella, our thoughts wander back to the ancient Romans who first realized this land's potentianl for producing superior wine and who were the first to use the "appassimento" method of semi-drying the grapes to concentrate flavor that is still used today. In Valpolicella's cellars, the massive barrels proudly emanate the aromas of their precious content, filling every breath with rich sensations.
Valpolicella, both its wines and its people, have given us great emotions. In this Selection you will find insights and suggestions that transmit in the  profound joy. The joy of a great wine whose origins are rooted in bygone times.

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Selection's wines

3 bicchieri
Grande vino
5 grappoli
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