GRAND TASTING x12: Fish pairing wines

For all lovers of seafood and high-quality wines, this collection of 12 mixed bottles is perfect for stocking up fresh and light wines to match with fine fish dishes.

  • 122,40 €
  • 106,72 €

Wines for Vegetarian dishes

Being vegetarian does not mean to be teetotaller and, above all, that there cannot be a desire to enhance one’s own preparations. With this selection, we come to the aid of vegetarian wine lovers.

  • 81,20 €
  • 75,73 €

Awarded Red Wines

A selection dedicated to High Quality red wines according to the best Italian and international wine guides: Slow Wine, Gambero Rosso, Wines of Italy, Bibenda, Wine Spectator and many more.

  • 88,10 €
  • 81,96 €

Wine and Dessert Pairing

At the end of a dinner or a lunch it’s important to serve desserts, maybe something special for fruit or refined pastries and maybe you do not have the wine to emphasize what you’ve prepared.

  • 49,70 €
  • 45,51 €

Awarded White Wines

A selection dedicated to High Quality white wines according to the best Italian and international wine guides: Slow Wine, Gambero Rosso, Wines of Italy, Bibenda, Wine Spectator and many more.

  • 104,60 €
  • 88,40 €

Red Gold Box

Thanks to this selection you will give some of the finest Italian red wines, demonstrating the excellence of Made in Italy wines and seducing all red wine lovers with style.

  • 67,90 €
  • 57,50 €

Prestige Tasting Box

Gift white, red or better bubble? Give them all! A Grand Tour along Italy with three of the best classics of the Italian winemaking tradition.

  • 81,30 €
  • 69,00 €

Pasta and Wine Pairing

A tribute to pasta, a tribute to the most famous Italian dish all over the world! If your lunch will consist in risotto and pasta with meat sauce this is the right selection for you.

  • 26,90 €
  • 23,92 €

Great White Wines

When a white wine get importance. This selection offers wines of great pleasure, original and easy to pair, and every sip you make it will be able to make you think, because of the incredible emotions you will perceive. These wines are useful whe

  • 61,90 €
  • 55,46 €

Prosecco Treviso Valdobbiadene

We would like you to introduce the real prosecco, linked to the Venetian territory of Treviso and Valdobbiadene, in order to let you know the many flavour aspects of this wine type. With this selection you will discover a perfumed wine, tastefully refined, enhanced by subtle flavour. Great value

  • 73,60 €

Brunello Trio

We have visited the Brunello di Montalcino zona, in Tuscany, and we taste the real Brunello, its roots, traditions and incredible charm.

  • 99,90 €
  • 94,87 €

Pink Power!

This is an amazing wine collection dedicated to the spritzy Rosé Wines. A pink trilogy with fresh scents of red pulpy fruits: cherries, raspberries, strawberries, alongside crispy notes of pomegranate. Well-balanced acidity, lively and pleasant tasting.

  • 57,20 €
  • 49,44 €