Amarone Trio

Fusing enological wisdom and medieval pride: Amarone & Valpolicella.

  • 118,00 €
  • 94,40 €

North Italian White Wines

Among the many wines of Valle d'Aosta and Trentino Alto Adige that grow in the vineyards of this area, we find the aromatic ones.

  • 78,80 €
  • 63,04 €

Barolo Trio

In this exclusive Trilogy, we are focusing on 3 outstanding Barolo wines. Each wine represents a fantastic variation on what can be done with the Nebbiolo grape and the subtle differences found in he Langhe area.

  • 128,00 €
  • 102,40 €

Prosecco Treviso & Valdobbiadene

We would like you to introduce the real prosecco, linked to the Venetian territory of Treviso and Valdobbiadene, in order to let you know the many flavour aspects of this wine type. With this selection you will discover a perfumed wine, tastefully refined, enhanced by subtle flavour. Great value

  • 36,00 €
  • 28,80 €

Wines to pair with Cheese

how to enhance a cheese–based pairing? For cheese lovers who want to enhance the object of their fondness through the right pairing. A simple selection but with three useful wines for this purpose, that can meet different needs.

  • 39,90 €
  • 31,92 €

Brunello Trio

After all the turmoil concerning Brunello di Montalcino, we visited the area to rediscover the real Brunello, its roots and traditions. While touring these historic vineyards, we were overwhelmed by the passion and the drive of the producers of this famous Tuscan Sangiovese.

  • 112,40 €
  • 89,92 €


The first stop of Vinitaly’s regional wine tour stops in TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE.

  • 97,80 €


The fourth stop of Vinitaly’s regional wine tour stops in LOMBARDY.

  • 104,40 €

Wines from the islands

Sicily and Sardinia are Italy's pride and joy and the world's most envied lands when it comes to finding great wines.

  • 88,30 €
  • 70,64 €

Antinori Trio

From the hearth of Tuscany, we have dedicated this wine selection to the estimated Antinori winery, wine-makers since over 600 years. This 3bottles-collection includes:

  • 114,50 €
  • 103,05 €

Sparkling Diamond Box

Intense fragrant shades, soft and ductile perlage that whet the palate. "Sparkling Diamond Box" selection is perfect for a classy gift, that will light up your holidays and amaze those who receive it.

  • 122,00 €
  • 109,80 €


The twelfth stop of Vinitaly’s regional wine tour stops in CALBRIA and BASILICATA. Two regions facing the sea, both very related to vine’s cultivation.

  • 84,40 €