Villa Russiz

The story of Villa Russiz is a story of great insights and generosity, passion, commitment, emotions and tradition. The great intuition is that of the French count Theodor Karl Leopold Anton De La Tour Voivrè, agrarian expert and winemaker, who in 1869 saw right in the sunny hills of Russiz and Collio Goriziano not only the ideal place to live together with his Austrian wife Elvine Ritter de Zàhony, but also to cultivate his passion for the winemaking and for the modern oenological techniques that, in France, had already great development at the time. Theodor De La Tour first caught the essence that made Collio wines great in the world. First of all he tried to change the native sorts of vines, which were not suitable for great oenology, with the more precious ones imported from France such as Pinot, Sauvignon, Merlot, etc. The wine-making techniques were also changed and a wonderful wine-vault completely earthed was built: this wine-cellar still represents Villa Russiz's button-hole flowers. The wines began to spread in various parts of Italy and Europe and reached the most important tables of the sovereigns. In 1894 Count de La Tour died, leaving to his wife the responsibility of vine-growing. In consequence of the war events Elvine decided to leave the estate to the Italian Government (up to that time the land belonged to Austria), which raised it to Foundation. Between the first and the second World War the farm was at a standstill because of the economical events of the time but it developed a lot from in the 1960s, thanks to the guidance of the agronomist Edino Menotti, who began a patient restoration work on both Villa Russiz's vineyards and cellars, with the solidarity of the whole Capriva del Friuli community. With his son Gianni Menotti at the head of the company, Villa Russiz changes approach to viticulture, restoring dignity to less prestigious grape varieties and creating a Cru line dedicated to Theodor De la Tour. 

From Theodor De La Tour to today, the focus at the base of Villa Russiz's wine production remains focused on new varieties best suited to the territory and the highest quality levels, a marvelous cellar that is often completely underground, passion and constant commitment to details in the vineyards, in the cellar and in the bottle. The meticulous passion for viticulture is now more than ever alive in Villa Russiz, in the 100 hectares that make up the farm, of which 50 are intended for vineyards, with particular attention to maintaining the number of vines per hectare between 4,500 and 7,000, thus guaranteeing great concentration of the grapes. Villa Russiz's wines are all part of the Collio DOC classification, as are the crus, Sauvignon de La Tour, Gräfin de La Tour, Graf de La Tour and Defi de La Tour, spearheads of a production that from the tradition of experience has been able to seize the ideas for modern research of the highest quality, for a coherent development path and for great wines of international level.