Vigne Surrau

Vigne Surrau is a new winery in Gallura (Sardinia) with age-old roots. The two core values that underpin the company's philosophy are tradition and innovation: tradition is our guide in choosing the grape varieties to be cultivated (Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Carignano and Muristellu), while innovation guides the winemaking where we use state-of-the-art equipment and experimental techniques, such as drying Vermentino and Cannonau grapes or making a sparkling wine with them using the Champagne method. We also looked to tradition in choosing the materials for constructing the new winery: wood, stone and glass are united in a very modern style of architecture featuring contemporary design elements which contribute to creating a distinct 'stage setting' for the winemaking process.
The company's image is also driven by the same principles: the very modern, almost minimalist company logo and wine labels depict a stylised mountain that symbolizes our strong bond with the region of Gallura. The inspiration for this image came, in fact, from the mountains of San Pantaleo, which are such a characteristic part of the Arzachena landscape.
The new Surrauwinery was designed as a place where art would merge with nature. The building has transparent facades and walls built of local stone which blend in with the earth in a modern line, complementing the beautiful landscape of the over 40 hectares of vineyards which produce the Surrau wines. These are Sardinian wines which Gallura imbues with a strong minerality. This is a unique place where visitors will find tradition and hospitality combined to provide an unforgettable experience.