Siddùra winery is located in the heart of Gallura (Sardinia), near the picturesque medieval village of Luogosanto. In this corner of the island, the Sardinian winemaking tradition is renewed, creating something unique and extraordinary that comes from ancient roots and Siddùra is an integral part of the great Gallura heritage.
The winery was founded in 2008 as a fascinating and ambitious challenge, supported by a profound search for quality, perfection and harmony in its wines, aiming to offer high-quality wines which are producted and inspired by the surrounding nature itself. A true tribute to the territory, source of inspiration and curiosity, expression of the purest Sardinia.

Siddùra vineyards grow protected from the hills around the estate, caressed by a sea breeze that mitigates summer temperatures. On the one hand, the climatic conditions and the composition of the soils with loose and often arid soils, favor the viticulture and give wines particularly linked to the terroir of origin, on the other hand, the careful work in the cellar and the expert hand of man complete the journey begun in the vineyard, reaching the long-awaited goal: quality wines, inextricably linked to their territory and produced respecting Nature itself.

Producer's wines