Marco Felluga

More than a century has passed, since the first Felluga crossed his history with wine. The island of Istria was the place of origin of Malvasia and Refosco d'Istria productions. Just after the Great War, the family get to the other side of the gulf, to Grado and then in Friuli. It is here that the family discovers, loves and chooses to live that part that has always been the vine and wine called Collio. It is precisely the special area of Collio, with low elevations, marked by rolling hills that allows the family to product its wine, that achieved the award of the first Italian areas to obtain the DOC classification in 1964.

The climate is mild, thanks to the territory nearby the Adriatic Sea and the Julian Prealps, and it’s ideal for viticulture, with warm days/cool nights in spring and mild summers. Every hill has its own microclimate, sandstone-marl soils are the ideal habitat for the cultivation of Collio’s grapes and vineyards. The key issue is the relationship that has always linked the production of the two companies to the area, added value to the peculiarities of the individual products. All white wines are suitable to be drunk relatively young, but they can also age several years, in order to find very interesting minerals and ripe fruits complexities.

Marco Felluga company has its vineyards located in four different areas of Collio territory: Farra, San Floriano, Oslavia and Cormòns. From these vines comes the quality of its wines, both white and red. The vineyards of Russiz Superiore company are located around the winery, in the heart of Collio. The two wineries are based on the concept of quality that is a must, a standard on which constantly improve, covering all phases of activities, starting from vines growing and pruning, buds selection and the harvest, then maceration, pressing and winemaking. Although they are specialized in the production of white wines - as per Friulian wine tradition - the quality of their red wines is great as the whites, both native and international, with great structure and suitable for long aging.