The Librandi winery is located in Cirò Marina, a small town on the Ionian coast of Calabria, near to Punta Alice, the headland south of Taranto’s Gulf. This area is naturally suited for vines cultivation, thanks to its inclination and geographical position, a short distance from the sea and the Sila Mountains that stand behind, ensuring optimal temperature range between day and night.

Librandi cultivate vines since four generations; from the 1950s, instead, started the business of bottling. The management of the winery has always been in the hands of the family, together with the technical partnership of Lanati Donato (oenology professor at the University of Turin and Florence) and his studio “Enosis Meraviglia”.

Through a long work, carried out with patient and tenacious application, Antonio and Nicodemo Librandi made en effort to enhancing Calabrian viticulture, which is ancient and rich in traditions, but rather reluctant to innovations, proving that the future of local viticulture lies in the ability to combine together balance, tradition and innovation. Calabria has, in fact, one of the most important world wine platforms, being an important Mediterranean area for viticulture’s history and evolution studies. Do not forget, indeed, that experts consider Calabria the land of wine culture diffusion in Europe. These are the reasons why the potential of the collection and its study can not be underestimated, being a substantial part of vineyard’s variety.

Through experiments and their evolution, the Librandi winery aim to a triple objective: improving the quality of native grape varieties already vinified; the study of all unexpressed potentialities of the older regional varieties, aiming to launch new and unique products; finally, the acquisition and conservation of regional wine heritage, through a historical and scientific study.

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