Fondazione Edmund Mach

Edmund Mach Foundation - Agricultural Institute of San Michele all'Adige (TN) is a prestigious institution in Trentino Alto Adige that has achieved over the years important results in scientific experiments, education and training activities as well as providing technical assistance and extensions services to companies. These activities are aimed at promoting cultural and socio-economic growth in the agricultural sector and at developing the forestry and agro-alimentary systems, with particular regard for the environment and the safeguard of the territory of the Trentino region. It is a true "citadel of agriculture" that extends over a campus of about 14 hectares with classrooms, greenhouses, laboratories and 70 hectares of green area nearby Trento, in order to create a model of sustainable agriculture, from the agronomic and environmental point of view. The winery develops inside the ancient Augustinian monastery dating back to the twelfth century and is not only an important historical-architectural document, but also a valuable testimony of Trentino's viticultural tradition. The current arrangement perfectly combines history, centenary charm and rational modernity.

In order to better represent the enological panorama of Trento zone, Edmund Mach Foundation offers a consistent range of products, about 30 different wines, obtained by harvesting and processing only grapes coming from the best winery vineyards and divided into various product lines: "Istituto Agrario" line (it includes all single-varietal typical of the regional viticultural-oenological tradition. The aroma of these wines reflects the strong character of each grape that wed the land from which the grapes come), "Castel San Michele" line (it represents the Incrocio Manzoni and Rosso wines, which are an elegant example of the authenticity of the territory sorrounding San Michele all'Adige, expressing their balance with the skill and imagination of the work in the cellar), "Monastero" Line (the wines of Monastero range are the result of an oenological project set up with extreme passion and rigor born in 2000 on the legacy left by the work of the founder Edmund Mach to witness the strong propensity of the Trentino vineyard to produce great wines, in the sign of a refined longevity), Organic Wines (these wines come from the Navicello plot, near Rovereto, along the Adige river. Since the mid-Nineties these vineyards are cultivated in accordance with the biological regulations and standards) and Special Wines (The Golden Crescent Moon, inspired by the Istituto Agrario emblem, and the Edmund Mach founder icon, identify the products of the special wine of our Winery).