"It is in front a bottle of prosecco that we are, as always, around the same table...".

In this way FIOL was born, in December 2010: three friends who grew up side by side, started from Treviso to follow their careers in the world, have the desire to get closer and to create something together, for the others. Choose prosecco, Venetian excellence, a unique wine, deeply rooted in the history and culture of Treviso, able to bring people together and to communicate a positive and joyful way of living. To create the logo is an online competition of ideas - open to all - and made in Italy once again was the winner: the winner was a young Italian designer that with the right sign will turn into image FIOL’s spirit.

In Venetian dialect FIOL is to mean a person who appreciates life and that's what we try to convey through the entire production process of this wine. FIOL is not just a brand, a taste of the bubbles, but t is an experience to which a fine group of experts participates, all champions in their fields, fans of the project and motivated to make it this wine great. With its exclusive packaging and a unique flavour, it is the perfect combination of quality and passion. A fundamental contribution to this project comes from the families of the three founders, who provide their deep knowledge in agriculture and winemaking, matured for generations.

The grapes are selected from the best vineyards of the DOC area of Triveneto, where wine-maker experts devote special attention to the entire production. And it is the collaboration with one of the most talented winemakers of Treviso, who gives birth to a blend totally different from the others, for an intuitive but refined wine, to sip in relax during your dinner, or during friendly conversations.

A very sweet and not too crisp prosecco, which is kept in a unique design bottle, characterized by a label that finally combines innovation and tradition.