Fattoria Zerbina

Located just a few miles from the city of Faenza, Fattoria Zerbina vineyards extend around the operative center of the property and, more exactly, on the hillsides to the west of the Marzeno river and the village of Marzeno itself. The lower-lying and flatter zones, characterized by more fertile soil and a damper micro-climate, at least during the end of the growing season, are utilized for the cultivation both of the Trebbiano grape and, even more importantly, of Albana, as it is here that climatic conditions are more propitious for the development of noble rot.

To achieve quality, short cuts are of no use. Even more so when wine is involved. What is needed are time, dedication, focus, and competence. And much courage. All of this is present in the spirit with which Cristina Geminiani works: a way of cultivating the vineyard, harvesting the grapes, transforming them into wine which is infused with the wisdom of tradition and the force to dare the new.

Every wine of her Fattoria Zerbina estate is born from her profound link to the soil and  from her attention to the hidden language of the vines, whose voice finds expression through Cristina’s sensitivity,  instinct, and passion. Only then is her native soil transformed into wine. And becomes a work of art.