Castellare di Castellina

Castellare di Castellina is a winery in the heart of Chianti Classico, born from the union of 4 wine making estates (Castellare, Caselle, San Niccolò and Le Case) and created by Paolo Panerai with the aim of producing wine of the best quality ever. It was the '70s when the so-called "Renaissance of Italian wine" had begun, Castellare di Castellina has participated, with an eye on the one hand to tradition, taking care of vineyards and land, distinct between "fields" and "sodi" (fields are the easiest terrains to work, while "sodis" are the hardest but best vine-growing plots for the cultivation of the vine), and producing wine according to the Tuscan "method of Government" (which means using only native grape varieties to produce a great Tuscan wine). On the other hand, Castellare participated to Itanian wine Renaissence with innovation, pursued with the realization of the first experimental vineyard of Chianti to implement the first scientific selection of Sangiovese clones (here called Sangioveto) and then with the introduction barriques for refinement, following the careful studies and advice of Emile Peynaud, the most famous winemaker all over the world.

Castellare di Castellina consists of 80 hectares in total, of which 20 are olive groves and 33 are vineyards, located on the hills of a natural amphitheater, facing south-east. The vines are aged between 7 and over 45 years, with very low yields, to obtain the highest quality. An excellent exposure to the sun, a good drainage of waters, a mixed calcareous, marl, galestro and little clay solis give very well structured, intense wines which are definately suitable for a long aging in the bottle. In Castellare vineyards no synthetic chemicals are used to respect nature and to make natural wines. This philosophy is evidenced by the labels that each year have the design of a different bird, increasingly rare for the indiscriminate use of poisons and herbicides in the vineyards.

In the cellar of Castellare, small French oak barrels arrived, among the first in Italy. Everyone calls them "barrique"; Luigi Veronelli called them "carati". In Castellare they arrived sooner than elsewhere thanks to the company Compagnie vinicole conseille, founded by Paolo Panerai with Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the largest single shareholder of Chateau Lafite for the diffusion of the best wine technology.
Castellare di Castellina is also a welcome and possibility to stay in one of the most fascinating scenarios of Chianti and the whole of Tuscany: Villa delle Upupe, a rural complex renovated with the Brandiani criteria, set by the art critic Cesare Brandi, that is, preserving the most possible while respecting modern lifestyles.