The brothers Alberto and Diego Cusumano, with the precious contribute of the winemaker Mario Ronco, create in the 2001, a symbol of dynamism and innovation of the Sicilian oenology, still too tied to tradition and historical stereotypes. Today the family owns 519 hectares of vineyards located in areas of Sicily deeply different between them: Ficuzza (189 hectares), in Piana degli Albanesi in the province of Palermo is a unique part of Sicily, set at an altitude of 700/800 meters above sea level behind a woodland reserve, it enjoys a cool but sunny microclimate. Presti e Pegni (70 hectares), on the hills of Monreale, thanks to the uniformity of its clay based soils that form gently rolling and ventilated hills, conveys expression to Benuara and personality to Noà, San Giacomo (140 hectares), in Butera in the province of Caltanissetta is a territory characterized by calcareous, white soil, rich in minerals. Here the Nero d’Avola grape-variety finds the ideal terroir to become Sàgana, Milioto (3 hectares) in Partinico, sandy-soil, ideal for producing our Moscato dello Zucco, a wine rich of aromas and tradition, Monte Pietroso (30 hectares), in the territory of Monreale, clayey-sandy soil, rich in minerals gives to the wines elegance and complexity, Marchesa (50 hectares) in the territory of Monreale, sandy-soil in the north, clayey-soil in the south, Buonivini (20 hectares) Pachino, the worm climate gives a deep intensity to Syrah and Nero d’Avola. Alta Mora, on the slopes of a volcano symbol of ancient viticulture, obstinate and exciting, Diego and Alberto Cusumano face a new challenge: create wines and express the uniqueness and the character of this unmistakable territory, the Mount Etna. The new project of the family is divided in 18 hectares in the contrade Guardiola, Porcaria, Verzella, Pietramarina and Solicchiata.

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