Founded in the late 1800, Casa Vinicola Criserà is a Calabrian winery dedicated to wine production for 5 generations. The long family tradition of love and dedication to their homeland, along with the cult of vineyards and good wine, have rooted the Criserà family in Calabria region, making the winery spokesman of the most authentic values ​​of this land. Criserà company today produces wines with a well-defined nature, characterized by strong character, great finesse and elegance. Keeping focused on the genuineness, commitment in selecting quality native vines, Criserà winery uses the most modern technologies to reach the highest levels of competitiveness and research aiming to high quality standards.

Casa Vinicola Criserà is a winery associated with Ecostrada of Wine and taste of the Costa Viola (Violet Coast). Costa Viola is a strip of land that extends for about 35 km between the Strait of Messina and the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, squeezed between the sea and the mountains and dominated by high, jagged coastlines. This area has been counted by CERVIM of Aosta (Research and Studies Center for the enhancement of mountain viticulture) among the terraced areas where "steep slope" or "mountain" viticulture is practiced, which is also called "heroic viticulture", as vine cultivating here is difficult and particularly hard, due to the inaccessible territory. The man's hand has been forced to create dry stone walls along over 20 km of overhang, which allow on the one hand to contain the landslide, on the other hand to create the terraces suitable for the cultivation of the vine. The Dry Walls of Costa Viola have become a World Heritage Site in 2018.