Castel Faglia

Castel Faglia is situated in Calino, a suburb of Cazzago San Martino, in the province of Brescia in the center of The Franciacorta. The company’s name originates from the castle of the ancient owner Faglia, set on a hill of morainic origin at 300 metres above sea level, with vine-clad terraces. Thanks to it’s perfect exposure to the rocky earth and microclimate, a very unique grape is obtained because produced in an environment with incomparable features. The area is exposed to continental climate, which alternates to a mild mediterranean climate, with the consequence of temperature leaps which frequently cause rough summer hail storms.

The estate is of the Cavicchioli Family, wine-grower and producer of prize winning and well-knowned wines since 1928. Surrounded by woods and vineyards, the cellar is built below a hill to reduce environmental and energy impact. The undergroung part where the bottles are preserved for many years of ageing, guarantees best low temeperature conditions during the summer and avoids temperature ranges in any season.

The selection of grapes to be used for the production of Franciacorta is of basic importance to Castel Faglia. As a matter of fact Castel Faglia gathers it’s grapes not from huge vineyards, but from small plots of land farmed as precious little gardens, resulting in the developement of grape bunches with different aromatic features. Castel Faglia vineyards, spreading out to about 17 hectares, as a Franciacorta policy, are solely composed of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero vine varieties.